Baguette class in Paris

French Baguettes, brioche and other sweet breads are some of the things you should not miss on a French breakfast or snack table. These French breads are a way of life in Paris. You will find everyone walking home with their baguettes in the shopping baskets or under their arms. They are known for their mouthwatering aroma, well-cooked crust and are incredibly satisfying. Unfortunately, making the French bread is an art and you cannot prepare quality bread using tutorials from the internet. The best way to learn the art is by taking a baguette class in Paris.

Why the Pastry Class

The bread making class is great in several ways. First, an experienced chef takes charge of taking you through the breadmaking process. The kitchen is well-equipped to enhance your learning. This is a hands-on class where you practice everything that you were taught in theory. You get helpful insights into everything breadmaking from the ingredients, measuring your ingredients right, how to mix the ingredients and easy methods of testing the doneness of the bread. Be prepared to creatively make different bread shapes.

Who Can Take the Class?

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The lesson is ideal for anyone who is interested in pastry, solo and couples having a vacation in Paris, as well as students in the food and beverage sectors. The lesson is flexible and requires a short time to learn and perfect. You get to try time-tested and approved traditional recipes that have been passed down over centuries. It is also so much fun too.

How are the Classes Planned?

Each class is made of small groups. The classes are taught in English. In addition, the recipes taught in the class can be replicated in your home. Book your baguette class Paris early to get a spot when you visit Paris. Check your itinerary if coming for a vacation to find the best time for you to take your class. This is definitely a skill that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.